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Level AFM

„Level AFM“ is a flexible Atomic Force Microscope for scientists. It offers a wide range of modes, sophisticated spectroscopy options and the programming of user defined experiments. Besides standard options found in Anfatec's other AFMs, the level AFM allows to add Anfatec's full range of AFM options, such as KPFM, closed loop operation, automated sample motion, acoustic enclosure, humidity and temperature control ... Each instrument is adapted to the user's specific needs.

Some special features:

  • a maximum scanning range of X-Y> 50 µm;
  • a maximum scanning range of Z> 5 μm;
  • X-Y resolution ≤ 2 nm;
  • Z resolution ≤ 0.2 nm;
  • maximum dimensions of the test specimen (length x width) ≥ (20x20) mm;
  • maximum height of test specimen ≥ 5 mm;
  • maximum positioning range of the test specimen ≥ 10 mm displacement along X and Y;
  • housing for sound and electromagnetic isolation;
  • controller with 24-bit (ADC and DAC) conversion bit;
  • dual surveillance camera with simultaneous top and side view;
  • 3D data acquisition and analysis software.
  • Industrial grade PC with Windows 10 Pro - 64 bit

  • Level AFM
    New Low noise laser module
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    Example Images from some more advanced applications: