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Multikelvin (SKP-W300)

Scanning Kelvin Probe
Parameters and Special Features:

  • Multi-Kelvin Controller with Network Connection
  • Work Function resolution: < 1 meV with 1.4 mm tip diameter on metals
  • up to 9 integrated Kelvin Probe Heads
  • Dead Zone Definition for smaller Wafer Diameters and Wafer Parts
  • Motorized Approach and Head Selection
  • Rotation axis for the Wafer with integrated Angle Encoder for Position Sensing
  • Rotation Angle Sensing Resolution: 1 mdeg
  • Motorized X-Motion over 100 mm with 50 μm Positioning Accuracy
  • Scan Range Overlap between the Sensors
  • Integrated Calibration Procedures for
    • Tip Length
    • Work Function
    • Phase Offset
  • Automated Data Acquisition Procedures for
    • Full Wafer Images
    • Small Wafer Images
    • Half-Wafers
    • Quarter-Wafers
    • Lines
    • Points
  • Humidity and Temperature sensor (USB)
  • Integrated Reference (HOPG or Au)
  • Scripting language for the programming of user defined measurements
  • Integrated Faraday shield
  • Gold plated steel frame

This Scanning Kelvin Probe System moves 9 individual KP heads in vertical direction in order to realize an motorized approach between the KP Probe and the Sample. The Samples are clamped on a rotating chuck, while a rail moves all 9 heads simultaneously in X-direction along the radius of the wafer and thus allowing a scan range overlap between the heads. Software based length and work function calibration procedures make sure that the overlapping work function scans result in a uniform work function image of the total wafer area.
Automized procedures allow for imaging of full, half or quarter wafers as well as wafers with smaller diameters.