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Ambient Single Point Kelvin Probe System

Single Point Kelvin Probe
Parameters and Special Features:

Motorized approach between tip and sample
Position Resolution in Z-direction: 5 µm
Work Function Resolution:< 1 meV with 1.4 mm tip diameter on metals
Smallest available Tip Diameter: 0.1 mm
Integrated Faraday Shield
Golden surface of Base Plate and KP-Head
Sample Holders are magnetically fixed on the Base Plate
Sample Holder Diameters: 40 mm with 3 mm Hole for Standard SEM-Sample Holder
Maximum sample size: 100 mm x 100 mm (mounted on Base plate)
Customized Sample Holders available
Heavy Stone Plate included
vibration isolating feet under the metal plate
Included Reference Samples: HOPG, Au on Si
Optional: Humidity and Temperature Sensor (USB)
This single point Kelvin Probe System operates under ambient conditions and is small enough to be placed in a customized glowth box. The probe head operates with an oscillating membrane and can be easily exchanged. The preamplifier is integrated inside the probe head.
The system is delivered with the Thomson I controller and a PC running under Windows.