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Anfatec Scan - SXM

Data Acquisitioning Software

  • for Anfatec Controllers and Microscopes
  • almost unlimited number of data channels simultaneously acquired
  • digital software feedback (PI type) with 6 different feedback modes
  • one conception for multiple user and multiple microscope applications

Software features:

  • integrated adjustment for PD-alignment (Crosshair)
  • free parameter input during image acquisition
  • simplified visual set-point selection in dynamic mode
  • free scalability of all input and output channels in physical units (allows the adaption to other microscopes)
  • software controlled automated approach and coarse positioning
  • images saved in Anfatec file format (read by Anfatec Present, SPIP, WSXM and Quideon) and unscaled as Bitmap
  • multiple channel spectroscopy:
    • vs. distance
    • vs. voltage
    • special modes (SCM, CM-SCM, ...)

All functions are easy to select by menu buttons. A time-scaled oscilloscope provides observation of all input channels. Crosshairs make the adjustment of the laser for AFM easy. The set-up of the software is done by an initialisation file (ini-file), which enables to use the same software for different microscopes by using different ini-files. 

  • Anfatec Scan is delivered with a GNU GP License.


SXM Manual(1.3 MB, PDF)

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