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Spec 64

Parameters - Datasheet

Rotating motorized (single) grating

Operation in the wavelength range from 400 nm to 1100 nm (with appropriate gratings)

Resolution of 5 cm-1 with a spectral window of 2100 cm-1at 532 nm

High-speed imaging with an acquisition time down to 10 ms per spectrum

Calibration lamp for spectrometer calibration or high precision measurements (see Software / Accessories)

Software package for acquisition and data analysis of single spectra or Raman mappings Synchronization to Anfatec AFM software and MoleculaVista VistaScan (see VistaScope)

A detailed description of applications and examples can be found on the Spec64 performance page.

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Software and Accessories

The fiber coupled high speed Raman spectrometer is optimized for maximum light throughput and high speed spectrum acquisition. Connected to an AFM or a scanning stage, high speed Raman imaging is possible due to an integration time down to 10 ms per spectrum. The spectrometer can be operated with a separate software as stand-alone device or synchronized via the Anfatec AFM software.