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High-Speed AFM - the affordable solution for the basic needs

New Low noise laser module
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System News:

improved HV-noise for higher resolution in combination with large scan range
new scan modes (e.g. SGM)

List prices starting from 19.990 Euro
High-Speed AFM

Optional Features

    Vibration isolation table under the microscope
    Hardware scanner linearisation (feed forward type)
    Glass bell jar for acoustic protection
    Additional cantilever packages and gratings
    Enhanced LFM mode sensitivity (circular laser diode)
    Additional LockIn amplifier for dynamic EFM or MFM
    Implemented Kelvin feedback
    Current amplifier for conductance AFM incl. power supply
    SPIP - Scanning Probe Image Processor - with all customer specific modules from Imaging Metrology
    2nd TFT monitor
    Low noise laser module

Camera Specification

Camera Sensor 2592 x 1944 Pixel (5 MPixel)
Camera Sensor Type CMOS color
Optical Sensor Dimensions 3.620 mm x 2.720 mm (4.53 mm diagonal)
Pixel Size 1.4 µm
Optical Resolution < 4 µm
Pixel Resolution 500 nm
Field of View 1.3 mm x 1 mm
Filter blue filter (for DNC laser suppression)
Sensor Interface and Power Supply USB 2.0

controller for the fast Approach of Tip and Sample
Image of the AFM head with the compact Top View camera design and Sample Illumination

AFM-Head including a Top View USB-Camera and Sample Illumination

The USB-camera combines a 5 MPixel CMOS sensor and high resolution optics with low a magnification. The resulting large field of view enables quick location of the area of interest. An optical resolution below 4 µm ensures the visibility of small structures. An implemented filter reduces the intensity of the back reflection of the red DNC laser. Therefore, high quality images during scanning in non-contact mode is possible.