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The Golden STM

Parameter survey

Maximum Z-range: 2 µm 
Maximum X- and Y-Range >> 600 nm
Noise in Z-direction < 0.05 nm
Noise in X-direction < 0.1 nm
Current noise < 20 pA
Z-noise (approached) < 200 pm
Lateral / vertical resolution: atomic
Sample holder diameter 12 mm

  • Golden (chemically resistive) vibration isolated
    STM body with implemented preamplifier
  • Computer with PCI board based SPM controller
  • Anfatec Scan & Anfatec Present
  • 19“ STM controller (extra low noise 24 bit converters)
  • HV display for z-direction
  • high voltage amplifiers for the x-y-tube scanning
  • optional: PC controlled bi-potentiostat
    and electrochemical cell
  • STM


    current image
    topographic image

    Imaging Modes

  • Constant Height Mode
  • Constant Current Mode
  • Distance Spectroscopy
  • Tunneling Voltage Spectroscopy
  • dI/dU spectroscopy

  • Special features

  • Integrated Lockin Amplifier for dI/dV Measurements
  • Tip Conditioning (Bias, z)
  • Vertical Manipulation Surface
  • Spectroscopy Data saved with Images
  • Scripting and Horizontal Manipulation
  • dI/dU spectroscopy
  • Image of a gold surface


    Sputtered Gold Layer
    on Silicon
    Image Range: 200 nm
    Height: 2.3 nm
    Further experiments, e.g. for the detection of work function differences, can be added easily,
    if an additional lockin amplifier is utilized.

    The STM is provided complete with image acquisition and image processing software.
    As accessory, we provide a tip etching tool for tungsten tips based on a scientific publication.
    The tool is affordable, easy to handle and guaranties over 50 % usable STM tips.

    Mechanics & Accessories

    The STM is provided with an 19” Anfatec-type SPM controller. It includes the 150 V amplification for 6 µm scan range.

    STM tungsten tip etching Tool

    The tip etching tool is provided with a detailed description and a students practical training advice.

    It is based on the droplet technique, which was first published in 1999. In combination with a power supply with current limitation one can reach STM tip diameters below 10 nm with over 50 % reproducibility.

    19” controller


    HV noise:

    <50 nV

    HV output:

    -150 V … 150 V


     100 nV

    A/D noise:

    0.3 mV    @ 40 kHz bandwidth

    power supply:

    ~ 230 V, 500 mA