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symmetric 3(5)-channel 90-amplifier "V45A"


This low-noise 3-channel high voltage amplifier V45A was designed for the control of tube scanners in scanning probe microscopes. Three inputs with 10 V are amplified into two asymmetric output voltages (Xout = 45 V and - Xout = - 45V) in the channels X and Y, while the Z-channel is 90 V relatively to ground.

High Voltage AMplifier

Technical Data

3 SMB-inputs  10 V
2 x 2 outputs - 45 V..45 V (in pairs complementary to 0 V)
1 output 45 V .. 135 V 
220 V Supply Voltage

Typical applications

control of piezoelectric tube scanners
output voltages for x and y symmetrically to ground
output Z refers to 45 V, 90 V range
integrated, stabilised HV generation