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the Level AFM for educational purposes

„Eddy“ is an Atomic Force Microscopy system for student's education. It bases on the approved Level AFM setup and includes a full sample set and a large cantilever set.

Some special features:

CCD camera
forward and backward tracing
auto save and auto approach functions
distance spectroscopy
voltage spectroscopy

Among the prepared experiments are the standard measurements as

but also some more enhanced experiments like

All experiments are described step by step, that the student can follow the instructions. The single instructions give a short introduction in the theoretical knowledge and finish with a set of questions.

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Besides its advantages for education, the Eddy Level AFM can be used in the same laboratory for research purposes. There is no limitation.
Software adjustments done for the students are totally free in administration mode. The software is started with an option that points
to an initialization file. In this file, all pre-adjustments are stored.