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AMU 5.0 - 2 MHz PCIe-Bus Lock-In Amplifier

AMU 5.0 is a Dual-channel lock-in amplifier
As many cards in one PC as PCIe-slots are available
Operates simultaneously with the USBLockIn250 on the same PC.


Parameters - Datasheet

Oscillator frequency range: 3 mHz .. > 1 MHz
Input noise: < 5 nV/Hz1/2 (typ. 3.5 nV/Hz1/2)@ 100kHz (range: 100 mV)
142 dB dynamic reserve (ratio between full scale input in V and input noise in V/Hz1/2)
Input ranges:  +/- 10 Vpp, +/- 1 Vpp and +/- 100 mVpp
Time constants between 200 µs and 5 s
Reference output: sine-wave (0.3 mV ... 7 Vrms) and LVTTL
Input sampling rate: 20 MHz / 24 bit AD-Converter
Internal PLL (1 Hz ... 1 MHz) with sine or TTL-Input
Input coupling: ac or dc
Interface: Plug & Play PCIe-Bus interface
Multiple Units on one PC
Can be combined with the USBLockIn250

Scope of delivery / Additional information

Manual in English
Interface: Plug & Play PCIe-Bus interface
3 Adapater cables SMB-BNC (2 m long, RG174)
Warranty: 2 years


AMU5.0 Lock-In Amplifier


Included Software

  • Ready to use software for data view and spectrum acquisition
  • Source code of this software in Delphi XE7
  • DLL for the remote control from LabView or other user-programs
  • Software example: how to use the DLL under C++, Delphi, Python, Scilab, Matlab®
  • Drivers for NT-based systems  (Windows 7, Windows 10) - ( 32 Bit/64 Bit)
  • Complete Package

    of drivers, DLL and Source Code