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- low-noise high-voltage amplifier for tube-scanners -

The HV200/5 is a high-precision HV-amplifier designed for the control of tube scanners. It takes three input voltages In X, In Y and In Z (-10 V to + 10 V), amplifies them separately (input gain switches: x1, x2, x5, x10, x20) and adds an offset voltage between -10 V and +10 V. In a 2nd stage, the signal is amplified by a factor of 20. This enables its use as HV amplifier in scanning image acquisition applications, such as STM or AFM, with the capability to shift the scan range in high resolution imaging.
High Voltage AMplifier


Supply voltage 230 V ac, 50..60 Hz
Power Consumption 28 W
Gain Switches x1, x2, x5, x10, x20
Offset adjustment range -200 V .. 200 V
Voltage Input -10 V .. 10 V
Input Impedance 1,895 kOhm ± 1 %
Maximum output voltage - 200 V .. 200 V
Output noise < 5 µV/Hz0.5´@ 10 kHz < 3 mVpp @ full bandwidth

backside of HV200/5