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ART Single Crystal Diamond (SCD) Probes

ARTTM probes are single crystal diamond (SCD) tips specially grown in CVD process and attached to silicon cantilevers for use in AFM. ARTTM growth technology provides durable and chemically inert probes with high aspect ratio and small tip radius by affordable price comparable to that of traditional silicon probes. SCD tip usually has a sharp edge at the apex which makes it applicable for imaging flat surfaces w ith high resolution.


SCD tip
The diamond tips of the ARTTM SCD probes are glued onto cantilevers and have extraordinary properties.
Typical curvature radius of extratip ......... 5-10 nm
Typical aspect ratio ....................... 1 : 5

Package size [pcs] Price [Eur]
5 440
10 820
20 1560
50 3600

Part Number
Resonance [kHz] Spring Constant [N/m] Typical Application
D300  325 40 Dynamic mode (Tapping, non-contact). Hard Surfaces. Nanoindentation.
D160  160 5 Tapping mode. Contact mode on hard surfaces.
D80  80 3.5 Tapping mode. Force modulation. Contact mode.
D10  10 0.2 Contact Mode.