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eLockIn 205

- digital quad-channel high-frequency Lock-In Amplifier -

e LockIn Amplifier 205
Input sampling rate of more than 500 MHz
(fully digital design, 10 MHz bandwidth)
real quad-channel amplification in the full frequency range
4 channel output data with 1 μs group delay
dual harmonic mode in the full frequency range
on-screen 4-channel spectra acquisition
web-interface for external communication
DLL available
Being the top model eLockIn series, the eLockIn205/2 offers a very fast TCP/IP connection, ultra-fast DAC outputs of the measured signals and all signals supplied at BNC connectors.

The eLockIn205/2 can be used as spectrum analyser, oscilloscope, sine generator or as measurement control system. It provides 8 ADC channels as external inputs and controls 8 DAC channels with 1 μs group delay as external signal outputs.
It can store 128 MByte data, provides modern network connection and USB connection.
Moreover, it acts as web server and all data are available over the internet.
Main screen of the lockin display

main LockIn screen
Spectra screen

Spectra screen
External generator with 0.06 Vpp and 1 MHz sine wave connected to input A of the eLockIn.
Oscillloscope screen

oscilloscope screen

(1.7 MB)


LockIn Remote
(1 MB)

Contains DLL (Win32/Win64) and 'LockInRemote' application with source code and also LabView, Matlab and Python examples.

Dynamic Reserve
>135 dB
Remote control
Integrated Oscillator 30 mHz ... 20 MHz (10 mHz resolution)
Noise @ 1 kHz
∼ 5 nVrms/Hz 0.5
Time constants
100 ns ... 1 ks
Sensivity ranges
10 nV ... 10 V
Phase resolution
0.0001 deg
Frequency stability @ 10 kHz
50 mHz/year (@ 20 C +/- 3 C)

Reference Output

Internal Oscillator 10 mHz .. > 10 MHz
Frequency Resolution < 3 mHz
Frequency Accuracy +/- 50 ppm from 0°C to 70°C
Reference Output Voltage < 0.1 mVrms ... 4 Vrms
Output Noise @ 100 kHz for 1 mVrms output < 60nv-hz

Reference Input

Frequency Range 1 Hz to 10 MHz (TTL)
or to 2 MHz (sine wave)
Locking Time < (100 ms + 10 Cycles)
Phase error < 4 deg @ 1 kHz
left to eLockIn 203

e LockIn Amplifier 203
left to eLockIn 204

eLockIn Amplifier 204