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Park AutoProbe CP II - Replacement Controller and Repair Service

How does the replacement work?

The safest way of getting an older tool running again is to test the whole unit - microscope base with head and electronics. This is why we prefer that you ship us your base so that we can test what might be necessary to do to bring it back to full performance. We offer repair on almost all parts (laser, scanner, linearization, illumination), however, things might be broken up to a costly level. If you order a controller, we do all the repair on list prices.

What do you get?

A new PC. A new controller. New software. Repaired scanners or heads - fully tested. Scaled and linearized with the new software. A description of all connectors and how to handle the system. AND, if you wish, a re-installation service in your lab.

Why is it worth spending money?

Well, you might simply like to keep your beloved nanotechnology tool.

Technical Parameters

Controller Unit 8 channels @ 24 Bit D/A, four of them predefined as X,Y,Z and Tip-Sample Bias,
four of them available as auxiliary outputs.All BNC. 8 channel @ 24 Bit A/D, six of them predefined as TB, LR, SUM
and three linearization inputs - accessible for monitoring through BNC connectors.
Two available as Auxiliary inputs (BNC). Control of the dc motor that approaches tip and sample Brightness control for the sample illumination. Integrated high-voltage amplifiers. 1:1 pin-compatible output connector for the TopoMetrix head.

Which parts of the head can be repaired?