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Anfatec Present

Image Analysis Software

    includes all basic functions for Scanning Probe Applications
    loads Anfatec image sets by calling the main 
    file imports Omicron, TopoMetrix and Burleigh data
    shows the image information (mode, day/time, drive,...)
    leveling functions
      line-wise, row-wise
      selected area 1st order and 2nd order
      zero correction (0th order)
      point-selection based
    filter functions
      low- and high-pass
      mean and noise
      Fourier transformation
    histogram based brightness and contrast adjustment
    adaptable color palette / user specific
    color palettes
    line analysis with measuring function, averaging over lines
    roughness analysis
    3D view
    unit cell based non-linearity determination and correction
    tip diameter estimation 
    mathematical operations between images
    removal of lateral nonlinearities by distorsion correction
    data output
      save as single Anfatec image 
      save as BMP
      Copy to Clipboard
      Save as WMF or BMP from any menu

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Anfatec Present as Freeware

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