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Self Sensing Cantilevers from SCL-Sensor.Tech

Piezo-Resistive Sensing (PRS) probes from SCL-Sensor.Tech are silicon cantilevers with an integrated piezo-resistor. They are used for self-sensing scanning probe microscopy applications. PRSA probes are additionally equipped with a thermal actuator for self-actuating operation. The piezo-resistors are integrated into a matched Wheatstone bridge to optimize the sensitivity and to compensate environmental thermal drift. By using the self-sensing readout no laser adjustment is necessary in comparison to conventional optical readout AFM systems. This gains time during a cantilever change. Furthermore free space above the cantilever opens a door for new applications and various instrument combinations. The cantilever provides a sharp tip for accurate measurements in various applications. The cantilever chip is bonded onto a small printed circuit board (PCB) with a small connector. The loading process of a fragile cantilever equipped with a connector is more easy and save. The counterpart PCB of the cantilever PCB is connected to a low-noise amplifier by a flat-flex-cable.

Self sensing cantilevers are bonded to a small printed circuit board (6 x 4.5 mm) with a small connector. Total height: 2.4 mm (cantilever chip, PCB and connector)

Tip shape of a self sensing cantilever

PRSA-probes (with heater)

Piezo-Resistive Sensing Active (PRSA) cantilever probes from SCL-Sensor.Tech can be applied for contact and tapping mode. It provides an integrated heater for self actuation/oscillation of the cantilever.

PRSA Probe Cantilever

PRS-probes (no heater)

Piezo-Resistive Sensing (PRS) cantilever probes from SCL-Sensor.Tech for tapping mode and various cantilever based applications. With their short length they exhibit a high sensitivity and a low noise level.

PRS Probe Cantilever

Tip Specification
Type PRSA-L300-F50-Si-PCB PRSA-L300-F80-Si-PCB PRS-L70-F900-Si-CHP
Radius (tip apex) < 15 nm
Height 4-6 µm 4-7 µm
Material silicon
Cantilever Specification
Resonant frequency 30-65 kHz 65-95 kHz 500-1300 kHz
Spring constant 1-15 N/m 15-56 N/m 35-400 N/m
AFM mode contact mode tapping mode
Length 305 ± 5 µm 70-85 µm
Width 110 ± 5 µm 30 ± 1 µm
Material silicon
Deflection sensing piezo-resistive bridge
Actuator external shaker or integrated active heater external shaker
Electrical connections bonded to small PCB with connector

Tip Cantilevers

Tip Cantilevers
Type PRS-L70-F900-Si-PCB
Info Piezoresistive self-sensing silicon cantilever with silicon tip and heater on our standard PCB (6x5 mm) with a 10 pin connector.
Type PRS-L70-F900-Si-CHP
Info Piezoresistive self-sensing silicon cantilever with silicon tip, delivered as silicon chip.

Tipless Cantilevers

Tipless Cantilevers
Type PRSA 300×100µm TL Probes
PRS 450×100µm TL Probes
PRS 100×48µm TL Probes
PRS 300×100µm TL Probes
Info Piezo-resistive self-sensing cantilever probe without a tip (tipless) bonded to a small PCB with a connector or non-bonded as silicon chip.

Order information

# Short Description
1 starter kit plus
Self sensing cantilever pre-amplifier board with case
2 Self-sensing cantilever starter kit Self-sensing cantilever pre-amplifier board without case
3 Preamplifier Pre-amplifier PCB with 2.5 MHz bandwidth, low noise, 100x gain, fixed 2V or flexible bridge supply voltage, onboard as well as
external offset voltage adjustment and screw mounting
holes in a plastic enclosure
4 FFC-CP-PCB Counter-part PCB (with 10 pin female connector) bonded to a flex cable to connect SCL pre-amplifier.
l = 15cm, copper shielding
5 Flex-CP-PCB Flexible counter-part PCB (with 10 pin female connector) ready for connection to a SCL pre-amplifier via its FPC connector.
l = 12 cm, w = 6 mm, t = 0.17 mm(!), integrated shielding (2nd copper layer, GND), high durability
6 CP-PCB Flexible counter-part PCB (with 10 pin female connector) ready for connection to a SCL pre-amplifier via its FPC connector.
l = 8,5 cm, w = 6 mm, t = 0.17 mm(!), integrated shielding (2nd copper layer, GND), high durability
7 Output cable Output-cable for pre-amplifier (one end wire-to-board connector and other side open ends)

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