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Ambient Single Point Kelvin Probe System

This single point Kelvin Probe System operates under ambient conditions and is small enough to be placed in a customized glowth box. The probe head operates with an oscillating membrane and can be easily exchanged. The preamplifier is integrated inside the probe head.

Parameters and Special Features:
  • Motorized approach between tip and sample
  • Position Resolution in Z-direction: 5 µm
  • Work Function Resolution: < 1 meV with 1.4 mm tip diameter on metals
  • Smallest available Tip Diameter: 0.1 mm
  • Integrated Faraday Shield
  • Golden surface of Base Plate and KP-Head
  • Sample Holders are magnetically fixed on the Base Plate
  • Sample Holder Diameters: 40 mm with 3 mm Hole for Standard SEM-Sample Holder
  • Maximum sample size: 100 mm x 100 mm (mounted on Base plate)
  • Customized Sample Holders available
  • Heavy Stone Plate included
  • vibration isolating feet under the metal plate
  • Included Reference Samples: HOPG, Au on Si
  • Optional: Humidity and Temperature Sensor (USB)
  • Optional: Rainbow Source (USB)

The system is delivered with the Thomson I controller and a PC running under Windows.