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Calibration Grating UMG01

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Typical applications

→ height calibration

→ lateral calibration of smaller scan ranges

This grating was designed for the height calibration of scanners, whose scan range is too small to work with the typical grating. The chess pattern in the center of the grating allows overview calibration in x, y and z.


Type / Material : Si-substrate / SiO2-Layer
Typical height : 20 nm +/- 2 nm
Depth calibration : by measuring the thickness of the oxide before manufacturing
Center pitch* : 2 µm x 2 µm (chess pattern 1 µm x 1 µm)
Center dimensions : 0,4 mm x 0,4 mm
Edge pitch x : 2 µm Si / 2 µm SiO2 (pitch: 4 µm)
Edge pitch y : 2 µm Si / 100 µm SiO2
Active area : 2,4 mm x 2,4 mm

* equals periodicity of the gratings

Grating dimensions:

1: flat, no structures, 20 nm oxide
2: grating edge, line pattern, 5-10 nm
3: grating center, chess pattern, 5-10 nm

Grating structures in the central area Grating structures in the outer area