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Calibration Grating UMG500

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Typical applications

→ Lateral calibration

→ Linearisation calibration

This grating has been developed for lateral calibration. The edges of the structures are not 100% vertical. The distance between the chess or arrow fields is 10 µm.

Technical Data

Grating type : Si / 20 nm SiO2
Height : ≤ 20 nm
Chess Pitch : 500 nm
Chess Area : 500 µm x 500 µm
Arrow Pitch : 10 µm
Line Pitch : 20 µm
Line Length : 500 µm

Grating dimensions:

Grating dimensions

The active area of 1 mm x 1mm i divided into 4 x 4 fields, each of them 250 µm by 250 µm large. The outer (blue) fields show arrow structures of 10 µm pitch. The inner 2 x 2 fields are chesses of 500 nm pitch.

SEM Image Full Structure

SEM Image Zoom at Corner

AFM Image in Chess Area SEM Image in Chess Area

Scan Range: 10 µm

Download Datasheet UMG500_DataSheet.pdf

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