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Calibration Grating PMMA

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Typical applications

→ Force modulation mode

→ Lateral force mode

This grating has been developed for the test of the force modulation mode, as it shows excellent material contrast.
It can also be used for Lateral Force mode.

Technical Data

Grating type : Si / 50 nm SiO2 / PMMA
Height : < 300 nm
Chess Pitch : 5 µm
Chess Area : 500 µm x 500 µm
Line Pitch : 20 µm
Line Length : 500 µm

Grating dimensions:

Grating dimensions

Important Information

The edges of the structures are not 100% vertical.

Plasma is sensitive to:
- Heat @ T > 100�C
- Plasma treatment
- Ebeam exposure
-Solvents, e. g. Acetone

Do not treat the sample with any of these methods.

SEM Image Full Structure

SEM Images

AFM Images

Force Modultion Mode
Cantilever: 0.2 N/m
Scan Range: 20 µm





Download Datasheet PMMAGrating_DataSheet.pdf

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