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Scanning Probe Microscopy

Mechanics & Accessories

The STM is provided with a with an 19” Anfatec-type SPM controller. It includes the 150 V amplification for 6 µm scan range.

STM tungsten tip etching Tool

The tip etching tool is provided with a detailed description and a students practical training advice.

It is based on the droplet technique, which was first published in 1999. In combination with a power supply with current limitation one can reach STM tip diameters below 10 nm with over 50 % reproducibility.

19” controller

HV noise:

<50 nV

HV output: -150 V ..150 V
D/A-noise:  100 nV
A/D noise: 0.3 mV    @ 40 kHz bandwidth
power supply: ~ 230 V, 500 mA