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Anfatec's Stand-Alone SPM Controllers

a series from most-affordable solutions to highest performance

Low Cost Controllers

Developer Version

High-Speed Controller

A full system at lowest cost.
Includes Control unit, Software and PC.
All feedback modes available (Contact Mode, Dynamic Mode, ...)
Perfect for simple applications (SICM, SNOM, tuning forke, simple AFM, ...)
The perfect solution for extended requirements.
Equipped with three more lockin amplifiers
Q-control for the cantilever (vacuum applications)
BNC-Outputs for all signals.
LineSync, ImageSync and more options included.
With 1 MHz feedback rate, this is one of the
fastest controllers available on the market.
Image Acquisition with some 100 Hz line rate in dynamic mode.
Smart scan generator with resonance compensation.
Adaptation to your special high-speed sensor developements.
Also as full AFM system for small samples.