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TopoMetrix Explorer - Replacement Controller and Repair Service

  • How does the replacement work?
  • What do you get?
  • Why is it worth spending money?
  • Technical Parameters

    • Controller Unit
      • 8 channels @ 24 Bit D/A, four of them predefined as X,Y,Z and Tip-Sample Bias,
        four of them available as auxiliary outputs.All BNC.
      • 8 channel @ 24 Bit A/D, six of them predefined as TB, LR, SUM
        and three linearization inputs - accessible for monitoring through BNC connectors.
        Two available as Auxiliary inputs (BNC).
      • Control of the dc motor that approaches tip and sample
      • Brightness control for the sample illumination.
      • Integrated high-voltage amplifiers.
      • 1:1 pin-compatible output connector for the TopoMetrix head.
      • Modern Windows 7 PC with TFT monitor.
      • Interface board AMU2.4 with one lockin amplifier channel.
      • Open source software. Script language as user interface.
      Further features
      • Joystick for approach.
      • Frame grabber interface for camera signal on PC.
      • Manual in English.

  • What can be repaired?

  • Contact mode scan. 10 m scan size.

    Contact mode scan. 30 m scan size.

    Dynamic mode scan. 120 m scan size.