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TopoMetrix Discover - Replacement Controller and Repair Service

During the update, the very old-style camera is exchanged and some of the internal wires are redirected, so that for instance the full detector information of the AFM head is available at the same time. Thus, it is necessary that the mechanical parts are shipped to us. We add a PC and the controller unit, exchange the camera and the light source for illumination, offer repair on almost all parts (laser, scanner, ...). The scannera are colibrated and a fully functional system is shipped back to you.
A new PC. A new controller. New software. Much more channels that you can acquire at the same time. Repaired scanners or heads - fully tested. Scanners are scaled and linearised with the new software. The software includes an extended spectroscopy feature, in which up to four user selectable channels vs. distance, Bias or other parameters. The shipment includes a description of all connectors and how to handle the system. AND, if you wish, a re-installation service in your lab.
The TopoMetrix Discover shows an extremely high stability and a nice side view onto the tip-sample interface. Its speciality is that there are electrochemical cells available. The Anfatec controller allows you to acquire potentiostatic curves. It uses the After the update, one owns a modern PC with an up-to-date operating system, a nice USB camera view, and renewed support for a beloved tool. Approach and retract can be done with joystick. The LED illumination is much brighter and adjustable from the software surface. In conculsion - we are sure, you'll like these improvements.
    Controller Unit
    • 8 channels @ 24 Bit D/A, four of them predefined as X,Y,Z and Tip-Sample Bias, four of them available as auxiliary outputs.All BNC.
    • 8 channel @ 24 Bit A/D, six of them predefined as TB, LR, SUM and three linearization inputs - accessible for monitoring through BNC connectors. Two available as Auxiliary inputs (BNC).
    • Control of the dc motor that approaches tip and sample
    • Brightness control for the sample illumination.
    • Integrated high-voltage amplifiers.
    • 1:1 pin-compatible output connector for the TopoMetrix Discover

    • Modern Windows 7 PC with TFT monitor.
    • Interface board AMU2.4 with one lockin amplifier channel.
    • Open source software. Script language as user interface.

    Further features
    • Joystick for approach.
    • Frame grabber interface for camera signal on PC.
    • Manual in English.
  • Broken internal wiring.
  • Exchange broken or short-circuited piezo actuators for tripod scanners
  • remount XY-SlipStick tables.
  • Clean and re-adjust fine-pitch screws.
  • Exchange illumination lamp with LEDs (suggested - is part of this controller)
  • Exchange the internal camera module

Nice alignment feature inside the software shows the position of the laser spot onto the detector.

before Approach


Camera image into the AFM head after update.

Observe all kind of signals during any operation in the software based oscilloscope screen:

Shows how the Z-position of the piezo, the intensity on the detector and the vertical deflection change during the automated approach procedure in contact mode.

Image acquisition is possible of plenty of channels simultaneously; FWD and BWD trace, Lift-Mode images.

Feedback modes:

  • STM (3 different types of STM modes)
  • AFM Contact Mode
  • AFM tapping/Dynamic Mode

  • Acquire force-distance curves.