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Rainbow Source

"Rainbow Source" is a light source with many almost monochromatic LEDs
and some LASERs mounted on a stepper motor driven wheel controlled by USB.

Parameters - Datasheet

  • 24 LED sources
    • narrow wave length specifications
    • center wavelengths between 370 nm and 907 nm
    • maximum output powers from 0.08 mW to 1 mW
  • 5 LASERs
    • wavelengths between 405 nm and 808 nm
  • 1 mm FC fiber output (BFL48-1000)
  • wave lengths selection done with a stepper motor inside
  • intensity of each light source is calibrated with an integrated Si detector
  • brightness and color selection are adjustable with analogue inputs
  • no external power supply required
  • with software for wave length / intensity selection and a calibration window
  • LabView drivers available

Typical applications

  • solar cell research
  • semiconductor research
  • Kelvin Probe applications

List Price: 1998 €

Rainbow Source Frontside
Rainbow Source Backside

backside of the Rainbow Source with
USB connection and analogue control inputs

Software Screenshots

Rainbow Source Software Screenshot Rainbow Source Software Calibration window