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The Fiber Coupled High Speed Raman Spectrometer

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Software and Accessories

Noble Gas Calibration Lamp


The Anfatec Noble Gas Calibration Lamp is ideally suited to calibrate fiber coupled spectrometers. It provides spectrally dense gas emission lines over a wide range of the visible and near infrared spectrum. A list with literature values of the precise spectral position of the emission lines is included. If the lamp slightly illuminates the measured sample, high precision measurements can be performed due to the exactly known emission lines appearing in the measured spectrum.

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Image of the calibration lamp with fiber connector at the front and side ports for versatile accessibility.

Summary of the Key Features of the Calibration Lamp

Working principle Neon and Argon gas emission lines
Wavelength range ~ 590 nm to 900 nm
Fiber connector type FC/PC
Power supply 12 V DC (provided)
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The image shows a typical spectrum of the calibration lamp taken with the Spec64.

Spectrum Acquisition ⇒ CCD.exe

CCD.exe provides the full control over all spectrometer functions including:

  • Changing CCD center wavelength by rotation of the grating
  • Initialization and calibration of the spectrometer
  • Changing exposure time and number of accumulations
  • Save spectrum or auto-save
  • Subtraction of a previously measured background spectrum
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Initialization procedure of the Spec64 with CCD.exe by adjusting the position of the 0th order peak.

Spectrum Evaluation ⇒ CCDPresent.exe

CCDPresent.exe is a powerful tool for data evaluation of single spectra or imaging data files.

Single spectrum evaluation:

  • Polynomial fitting and subtraction of a background
  • Fitting of peaks
  • Manual or automatic assignment of fitted peak positions to calibration lamp emission lines
  • Calculation of deviation of measured peak positions and gas emission line literature values
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Automatic fitting of a spectrum of the Anfatec calibration lamp with the Spec64 spectrometer. The graph on the left side shows the deviation of the measured peak positions and gas emission line literature values over the full CDD in units of picometer (the m means millinanometer).

Evaluation of Raman imaging data files:

  • Plotting an intensity map of a specific spectral range in the spectrum
  • Showing a specific spectrum selected in the intensity map
  • Calculating an average spectrum of a selected area
  • Plotting all spectra of a selected area of the intensity map
  • Calculating the deviation of measured peak positions and gas emission line literature values
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Evaluation of Raman imaging of a pharmaceutical tablet measured with 100 ms exposure time per spectrum with the Spec64 attaced to the VistaScope AFM. The pixel resolution is 32 x 32 pixel in a scan range of 30 µm. The average of a selected area is displayed on the left side. The red markes define a spectral region. The intensity of this specific region is displayed on the right side as intensity plot.