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Rainbow Source

Parameters - Datasheet

24 LED sources narrow wave length specifications
center wavelengths between 370 nm and 907 nm
maximum output powers from 0.08 mW to 1 mW
wavelengths between 405 nm and 808 nm
1 mm FC fiber output (BFL48-1000)
wave lengths selection done with a stepper motor inside
intensity of each light source is calibrated with an integrated Si detector
brightness and color selection are adjustable with analogue inputs
no external power supply required
with software for wave length / intensity selection and a calibration window
LabView drivers available

Typical applications

solar cell research
semiconductor research
Kelvin Probe applications

List Price: 1998 €

"Rainbow Source" is a light source with many almost monochromatic LEDs
and some LASERs mounted on a stepper motor driven wheel controlled by USB.

Rainbow Source Frontside
Rainbow Source Backside

backside of the Rainbow Source with
USB connection and analogue control inputs

Rainbow Source Software Screenshot
Rainbow Source Software Calibration window