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Anfatec's SPM Controller Overview

FPGA/DSP-Technology on highest standards. From lowest costs to highest speed.

Replacement Controllers


Keep your beloved microscopes alive.
TopoMetrix Explorer, Park Autoprobe and others.
Dedicated solutions + Instrumental Service for your beloved nanotechnology tools

Low Cost Controllers

LOW  COST Controller

A full system at lowest cost. Includes Control unit, Software and PC. All feedback modes available (Contact Mode, Dynamic Mode, ...) Perfect for simple applications (SICM, SNOM, tuning forke, simple AFM, ...)

High Speed Controllers

* up to 1 MHz Pixel clock
* four 10 MHz lockin amplifiers
* up to 1 image/s
* dedicated scan filtering

This is the perfect solution
for all kind of higher level applications.

OEM & Special Developments


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Multiprobe Applications.
High-Throughput Microscopes
OEM Development and Production.

High Voltage Amplifier



symmetric 3(5)-channel 90V-amplifier V45A



asymmetric 3-channel 90V-amplifier V45B


HV 200

asymmetric 3-channel 200 V-amplifier HV 200/5