Multi Purpose Scanning Microscope

Designed by
Molecular Vista, Inc.
(CEO: Sung Park, Ph.D., Co-Founder of Park Scientific Instruments)
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Flexible Optical Configurations

A 20x objective (NA = 0.6) with a long working distance offers enough space for various and non-flat samples. Additionally, an inverted 100x immersion objective with a numerical aperture of 1.45 ensures an enormous light collection efficiency.

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Parabolic Side Mirror

A parabolic mirror (NA = 0.9) provides efficient excitation and emission light collection from the tip. The mirror design ensures a single focus point for a wavelengths range from 350 nm to 10 Ám.

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Customizable Optical Configuration

Optical ports in different heights provide customizable optical configuration and full access to excitation (illumination) and emission of the sample. The beam path is adjustable via a periscope. All parts and ports are fully compatible to Thorlabs 30 mm cage system and can simply be excanged or modified.


Hardware/Amplification/Signal Processing

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Advanced Controller

  • FPGA based - two dedicated DSPs
  • 2 independent inputs with > 500 MSa/s
  • 2 reference outputs with 160 MSa/s
  • Ultrafast dynamic mode feedback
  • Pixel rate: > 1 MHz
  • Multiple feedback modes - STM, Contact and Dynamic Mode AFM, and PLL
  • 4 independent 2-phase lock-in amplifiers
  • Q-factor enhancement
  • Thermal tune spring constant measurement
  • Bimodal (1st and 2nd resonance) operation
  • Flexible and powerful spectroscopy modes

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Active Damping Table

MVI's AFM on ultra-stable customized inverted optical microscope and active vibration isolation table (marked in yellow).